Your Untapped SEO Growth


Have you tried to do SEO yourself and seen zero results?

Or worse, did sales drop after a slick talking snake-oil salesman “SEO’d” your website?

I see these hardships happen again and again. It’s frustrating to spend your time and money on marketing strategies you’re not sure are even real.

You’re not naive or dumb for wanting SEO though.

You’re actually pretty smart!

SEO is one of the best investment channels any business can make. I personally have driven millions of dollars of SEO revenue for clients.

Ordinary people fail with SEO because Google makes it difficult. Google wants you to buy their Adwords advertising rather than claim your free SEO advertising.

What do you think the secret is to beating Google?

It’s OK if you don’t know.

I’ve spent hundred of hours studying search engines, reading patents, and consulting with industry experts to find the answers. After a couple years of getting burnt out and little beat up, I’ve learned how google ticks.

How I do SEO:

Audits: If your car is is making a weird noise, you don’t take it to a mechanic and ask him to replace the whole engine. He needs to diagnose the noise to find the issue. A $3 filter could solve all your problems.

That’s what I do with SEO. I’ll take a look at your website, every nook and cranny. I’ll make sure every piece of it is to Google’s liking. When Google likes your website, Google rewards you with free traffic.

Content: Audits can lift an existing website  with a one time lift. But, if you want to continuously grow, you have to add content to your site. And not just any content but quality content. Google rewards quality content.

Link Building: This is the Public Relations of the digital world. Google relies on links to identify quality websites. Andy not just any link, but quality links. I’ll get you the right links to tell Google you’re a authority in your industry. Google rewards authoritative businesses.

None of this is rocket science. You could do it as well. But it does require years of patience and hard work.

If you’d rather be running the rest of your business instead of cursing Google, schedule a call with me. Google is betting you don’t have the courage to connect with a real Search Engine Optimizer.

Let’s call Google’s bluff together!

Schedule a chat.