Who Do I Think I Am?

IMG_1613Hello. You’ve wandered into a strange part of the internet.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Josh.

I’ve been doing Marketing, Growth Hacking, Performance Marketing, Demand Generation, or whatever the current buzzword is for over a decade. 

And over the last decade, I’ve sat on in-house teams racking up 4 exits, 2 acquisitions and 2 IPOs. I’ve got a wide breadth of experience in different verticals: 

  • Legal
  • FinTech
  • Payments
  • Gaming
  • eComm
  • Crypto

I’m a big fan of SEO. I see it as an unsexy public utility that we all use whether we like it or not. Nonetheless, my preferred Growth stack isn’t complete without: positioning research, copywriting, email, paid media, and ruthless measurement. 

However, the most important tactic is to just find prospective customers wherever they may be, online or offline. The goal is always to leave an impression in the prospect’s mind as they meander down the purchase funnel. 

Here’s a few of titles I regularly return to on my bookshelf:

So that’s a little slice of my Marketing DNA.

If you think you can’t dominate your category or you’re too small to compete against the giants in your vertical, think again. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching the giants all start mimicking my campaigns as I eat their lunch.

 If I’ve piqued your curiosity just a bit, let’s talk! 

You can reach me at josh(a-t)joshlevenson.com. Or connect with me on Linkedin and let me know you found me here. Alternatively if you want some snarky tweets, check me out here.